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We use cookies on this site 

Our company follows a strict policy to protect the privacy of visitors to our website. This section provides additional information on how we use “cookies” and other automated tools to collect specific information regarding visitors to our websites, such as number of visitors and most visited web pages, regardless of browser or device used. Collecting this information helps us learn how to better adapt our web pages and our advertising to visitor preferences. 

Cookie policy 

What are cookies? 

Cookies are small text files stored on your device whenever you use any browser to visit a website. For example, we can use cookies to learn whether you have visited our website in the past or whether you are a first-time user. They also help us to identify which features of our website interest you more. Cookies can improve your internet experience by storing your preferences as you visit a particular website. 

Essential cookies 

The essential cookies are critically important to the proper functioning of the website; they allow you to navigate and use its functions, including accessing secure areas, registration forms, favourites list, shopping basket and for security reasons. These cookies do not recognise your personal identity. Without these cookies, our website cannot function effectively. 

Performance and analytics cookies 

These cookies collect information on the ways in which visitors use the website, which web pages they visit more often and whether they receive error messages from web pages. These cookies collect aggregated, anonymous information which does not identify visitors. They are used exclusively to improve the performance of a web page and allow us to collect information on how you use our website, including the content you choose when navigating through our web pages, to measure the effectiveness and consumer interaction with the web page and to improve our website over time. These cookies may be placed by third-party providers of analytics tools but are used only for purposes related to our website. 

Targeting/advertising cookies 

These cookies are used to provide content that is tailored to you and your interests. They can be used to send targeted advertising or special offers, to limit advertising exposure or to measure the impact of an advertising campaign. These cookies can be used to help us remember the websites you have visited and to determine which electronic marketing channels are most effective. They allow us to reward external websites and partners who redirect you to us. 

Preference cookies 

These cookies are used to store your own preferences regarding our website and its applications. Such preferences may include colours, access settings, etc. 

More information 

More information on how our website uses cookies is available on our policy page. 


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